Bull Terrier and Bull Terrier (Miniature) Association Of W.A.


President                     -      Mrs Deb McLachlan 

Vice-President             -      Mrs Nola Reader 

Secretary                     -      Mrs Carol Comtesse

Treasurer                     -      Mrs Anne Howell

Committee                   -     

                                            Ms Lauren McLachlan

                                            Mr Mick Manaszczuk

                                                Mr David Comtesse

                                                Mr Mark Heffernan

                                            Miss Deb McDonald

                                            Mrs Jill Wilson

 Life Members               -     Mr Stan Honnery

                                      -     Mrs Deb McLachlan

                                          -     Mrs Carol Comtesse

                                      -     Mr Brett Johnson

                                      -     Mrs Michelle Johnson

                                          -      Mrs Angela Potiphar

                                          -      Mrs Nola Reader           


Club Photographer        -     Mr Mick Manaszczuk


(Note:  please contact the breeder that you purchased your dog from regarding health, temperament, or rescue, or behaviour problems.  Our Club does not give out any opinions in regard to this).



Contact Details

BT and BTM Association of WA Inc
Perth, WA, Australia
Phone : 94171640
Email : [email protected]